Language of the month

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   At Stonehill we celebrate different Languages and Cultures each

   month. We have already learned about Spanish and Arabic.

   Each month we try to learn a few useful phrases and words, to answer

  the register and say "please" and "thank you".


  A big thank you to all the parents who have come in and supported Mrs

  Whittemore with spelling and  demonstrating the language for us to


  Over the coming months we will be looking at Italian, Hindi, German,

  Irish, Tamil, Mandarin, Nepali, Polish, Spanish and finally Makaton.


  If you or your family would like us to feature a language you speak at

  home or one of your relatives speak please come as speak to Mrs




     Autumn  2018

    This school year we begin our languages with Hindi in September

    followed by Africans in October to support our South African pupils in

    Year 3 and Year 5. This will be followed by Arabic in November and

    Makaton in December.  


     Summer  2018 

    We will begin the summer term in April looking at the German

    language followed by Nepalese in May Spanish and Italian in June and



     Spring  2019

    In January 2019, we will be looking at the Polish language to welcome

    our Polish speaking children and families in Year 2. In February we will

    take a deeper look into Tamil from Sri Lanka  followed by Mandarin in




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