Intervention Groups

Interventions to support Social and Emotional Well-being

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Minion Magic is 6, 30 minutes sessions, based around minions. The sessions use a mixture of role-play and discussion, then use activities to reinforce the skills being taught. The children learn the social skills needed to make good relationships and act in an appropriate manner in different situations. 

Anxious Gremlin is an activity and discussion based programme. The programme provides a cognitive behavioural approach to anxiety management. CBT is an evidence and skill-based plan. The idea is to help the children recognise when they are becoming anxious and how to manage their anxieties.

Cooking, this intervention supports listening and social interaction and happens weekly. The children need to use their sitting and listening skills to make biscuits, cakes etc. It also helps to develop their vocabulary. At the end of the session, if they have listened they will to able to tell their grown-up how and what they have made, as well as take some of the baking home to share.

Proactive Behaviours is a programme to empower children to feel safe and know they have the right to feel safe. It also gives children the confidence and ability to assertively manage their own safety. One of the objectives is to give the children a better awareness of their bodies, thoughts and feelings that affect their bodies, another is to know the early warning signs for feeling unsafe. 

Angry Gremlin is an activity and discussion based programme. It like the Anxious Gremlin is based on the cognitive behavioural approach. The programme is pack full of stories, puzzles, quizzes, colouring and writing games. The children learn to tame their angry gremlin by recognising their triggers and feelings as well as strategies when he appears.  

A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a favourite children's book with supporting materials to stimulate language activities and make reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. They encourage the children to sit and listen therefore promoting concentration and awareness of the world around them. The story is extended by using the resources in the sack which broadens and expands their learning experience. 

Purr-fect skills. This programme is designed to teach pupils in primary schools the social skills and emotional vocabulary they need to function appropriately in both school and home. It evolves around two cats, Mimi and Jasper. The two cats learn how to take turn, responded to other and recognise their feelings 

Stay and Play is an intervention based on talking and listening. Its aim is promote confidence and increased vocabulary. The children learn through play and have the opportunity to experience different forms of play from creating to role play.   

Interventions to support learning

Project X This is a proven reading intervention programme focuses on developing both synthetic phonics and comprehension within a highly motivational character series.

A unique 2-text approach builds children's confidence (Text 1: 100% decodable) and keeps them motivated (Text 2: at least 80% decodable). The books are enjoyable and follow four children through a giant land. 

Beat Dyslexia is a highly structured, multi-sensory numeracy programme that can be used to teach maths to children of all ages and abilities but is specifically designed as an intervention programme for children in Key Stage 1 and 2 who are struggling with the core curriculum.  It is particularly effective for those with dyscalculia, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

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