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Growing Lifelong Learners


Well done and thank you to all the Nursery children and parents over the last few weeks. 


You are all working so hard at home in different ways and making 'home learning' work for you. 


Thank you for all of the emails, photographs and work you have been sending me. It is really lovely to see and hear what you are all up to and most of all know that you and your families are safe.


Please find below a letter about our 'home learning pack' to support the next few weeks.

If your child is in on Friday it will go home with them. If not I will be posting them to you.


Great work everyone!

Home Packs for Week Beginning 25.01.21

Here are some useful websites to support learning outside the classroom;



Coach Josh



Bedtime Stories




Bud's Number Garden

2D shapes


Understanding the World

Something Special

Maddie's Do You Know?



Mister Maker

Bring the Noise

Additional Support for Google Classroom

Spring Term 1

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed special family time over the holidays.

It is sad to not welcome the children back into Nursery this half term and they will be missed very much. We will look forward to when we can all be back together in Nursery playing and learning.

While you have this extra time at home staying safe I will be providing online learning through Google Classrooms. 

If you have any difficulties accessing this please email me 

Hopefully everyone has been accessing the activities that were set last time so you can begin as soon as you are ready. 

Please remember to share any news, activities and anything the children want to show me through Google Classroom. I can write a reply which is a lovely way for us to communicate.

Looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing what you get up to. Please email me if you need anything.

Stay home. Stay safe.


Happy New Year!!!

How to log on to Google classroom

Still image for this video
This will work on all smart devices and laptops

How to upload a photo to Google classroo for your teacher to see

Still image for this video
This will only work with smart devices

Christmas Lunch in Nursery


In Nursery we made sandwiches and rice crispie men to enjoy at our Christmas lunch. We tried so hard to spread butter and press down hard on cutters to make the perfect Christmas Tree sandwich. We also made a puff pastry chocolate Christmas Tree.


We all sat on one big massive table to celebrate together. We had a lovely time and the food was tasty.

Remembrance Day


Today Nursery learnt about Remembrance Day. We thought about the soldiers that kept people safe all those years ago.


Then we took part in a two minute silence and watched a lovely short film on Cbeebies that sees how animals experienced the war.

Autumn 2

Our topics for this half term are 'Why do leaves go crispy?' and 'Is it shiny?' Keep an eye on 'Google Classrooms' weekly for fun activities to do with your children and remember to share them with us on 'Evidence Me'.


This is an exciting half term leading up to Christmas. Please remember to get in contact through phone or email if you have any questions.


Can we explore it?

To celebrate our topic for Autumn 1 we made a campfire using sticks and toasted marshmallows. We sang 'If you like to go exploring' and 'Cooking marshmallows'. It was great fun to pretend to have a campfire and the children used their imaginations as the fire melted our marshmallows!




Pumpkin Hunt

Please display your child's pumpkin in your window for everyone to see!

October Half Term

Enjoy the half term holiday. Please see the document below for some ideas for you to do with your child. Please share any activities, family events or special moments with us through 'Evidence Me'.  

You will also find these activities on 'Google Classrooms'. You will receive your login details this week. After half term I will be suggesting learning opportunities weekly on 'Google Classrooms'. Check it regularly and share what you have done on 'Evidence Me'. 

Email me on if you have any questions.


Please remember to keep up healthy hygiene routines with the children during half term. Washing hands regularly throughout the day and using hand sanitiser when you are out and about.


Looking forward to hearing all the children's 'holiday news' when we return. 

Stay safe. 

How to use Google Classroom

October Half Term

Autumn 1

Sharing our work...

Here are some photographs of the work we have been doing in Nursery. We have had lots of fun learning about the season 'Autumn' and exploring different ways to be creative. Can you spot your child's work on the 'Leaf Family' display? This is my favourite display in the classroom!

Welcome to Nursery 2020

Hopefully you all enjoyed the summer holidays and the lovely weather. Mrs Gear and Mrs Jones are looking forward to welcoming your children into Nursery and starting the new school year.

As parents will not be able to come into the classroom if you have any questions please email me on;

2019-2020 ARCHIVED



Nursery New Starter Forms for September 2020 Intake


If your chid is due to start in our Nursery class in September 2020, please click here to complete the New Starter forms.


Thank you.





I hope you have all enjoyed your packs and they have been keeping you busy. To carry on our learning for the next few weeks we will be doing fun topics such as 'Growning', 'Pirates', 'Under the Sea' and 'Food'.

Please remember to email me photographs, videos and messages. It is lovely to see anything you are getting up to!


Continue to do these activties as often as possible which will help your child for when they start Reception.

Recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack.


Writing your name.


Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. 


A number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Listening to stories and talking about the beginning/ middle and end.

Friday 5th June 

Please collect activity packs today from 9.30 am until 2.30 pm. The packs will be in the office as it is a wet day. Please find the pack with your child's name on it. If you are unable to collect your pack please email me

The packs will also be available from Monday 8th until Friday 12th 9.30 am - 11.30 am.

There are lovely things for your child in the pack including a letter just for them so they are worth the trip out to collect them. 

Look what we have been up to at home....

Sophia has been very busy drawing, writing and being creative.

JJ found his own tadpoles when doing a nature walk.

Isabel has been very excited because she has a new addition to her house a baby snake called Norrie.

Phoebe has been creating her own fairy garden.

Tyler has been enjoying going for walks outside and feeding horses.

Thank you for sharing!

Sophia's Tadpoles

Still image for this video

June 1st  Ideas for this week.

As some of you return to school I will still be providing activities for everyone at home and Nursery.

I miss everyone and I hope you are all enjoying this special time at home. 

This week lets.....go down to the woods your sure of a big surprise!


Daily activities you could do with your children could include recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack. Writing their name. Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. As well as a number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Area of Learning


Physical Development

Go for a walk to the woods or visit Norton Common.

Climb trees, jump in puddles, kick piles of leaves, hide behind trees, run as fast as you can from one tree to another.


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Set up a 'Teddy Bear Picnic'. Collect toy bears, soft toys and give them plates, cups and cutlery. Talk about how many plates, cups and cutlery you need. Engage in pretend play and ask for certain foods making sure all the teddies are polite.



Collect toy teddy bears, or soft toys and hide them in your house or round your garden. How many can you find? Where were they hiding? Up a tree? Behind the sofa? Next to the trampoline? Under the bed? Use positional language as above to describe where the toys were hiding.


Expressive Art and Design



Understanding the World





Learn the song 'Teddy Bear's Picnic'.


What do you know about brown bears? Where do they live? What do they eat? Find out more on You Tube from this short video clip.


May 18th  Ideas for this week.

This week let's learn about animals at 'the zoo'. I hope you managed to catch some of the animals live on Friday at Chester Zoo. My favourite was learning about the rhino! It was amazing watching the lady feed the rhino. I would love to feed different animals at the zoo! 


Daily activities you could do with your children could include recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack. Writing their name. Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. As well as a number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Area of Learning


Physical Development

Visit You Tube to move about like different animals to one of Nursery's favourites 'Busy Feet'.


What other animals can you move about like? Can you move like a lion? How would a lion move? What sound would it make? Could you try a monkey, snake, bear, elephant? I am sure you could think of even more! 


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Read or listen to the story of 'Dear Zoo'. Could you retell the story with your grown up? You could make up your own version with different animals. On Wednesday 20/05/2020 I will be telling the story of Dear Zoo so have a listen. 


Justin Fletcher reads 'Dear Zoo' with puppets.


Visit the 'Dear Zoo' website to play this listening game. What animals can you hear? Copy and paste the link into your browser.




Visit the 'Dear Zoo' site to play this matching pairs game. Can you find all the pairs? How many pairs will you try 2, 3 or 4! Copy and paste the link into your browser.



When you go out and about for some fresh air look for numbers they are everywhere! What numbers did you see? 


Expressive Art and Design











Understanding the World







If you have access to a printer there are some lovely activities including masks, mazes and dot to dots.


Hear is a 'sing along' version of the story 'Dear Zoo'. Have a go and join in. It is wonderful.


Could you draw a picture of your favourite zoo animal. My favourite is a giraffe!


Use the internet to find out information about the different animals from 'Dear Zoo'. Where does it live (when not in the zoo), what does it eat, how big is it?

Here are a few websites you could use.



Still image for this video
Sophia was very excited to find this centipede on her nature walk. Well done Sophia for spotting this centipede and thank you for sharing it with Nursery!

Tadpole Update!!! (Video 1)

Still image for this video
I have had lots of fun looking after the tadpoles. I wish they could have been in the Nursery garden for you all to see. I have cleaned them out every week. Sadly not all of the tadpoles have survived. This is what happens in nature. Yesterday I cleaned out the tadpoles. I had not cleaned them out for nearly two weeks and there was 5 tadpoles left. I could not believe what I saw!
(Please watch the videos in order, 1 and then 2).

Setting the frog free! (Video 2)

Still image for this video
We decided to name the frog Herbert. Goodbye Herbert!

May 11th  Ideas for this week.

This week let's learn about animals on 'the farm'. The farm is such a wonderful place to learn and have fun so we will try to do it from our own homes.  Visit topmarks website; There are lots of fun activities including a 'scene maker', 'virtual tour' and several songs.


Daily activities you could do with your children could include recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack. Writing their name. Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. As well as a number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Area of Learning


Physical Development

Could you go for a walk near standalone farm? There is a lovely walk where you can go round the edge of the farm. What animals can you see? If this walk is not possible then go for a local walk to see what animals you can spot.


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Watch the story 'Farmer Duck'

Talk about the 'lazy farmer'.  Ask what would you do if you were the farmer? Would you help the duck? Talk about team work and how jobs are easier when you do them together. What jobs can you do at home together? 


Use this website to help you teach the names of the adult and baby farm animals. You could also learn about the names of the males and females as an extra challenge!



Download this counting worksheet onto your phones or tablets. Your children can practise counting the farm pictures


Expressive Art and Design







Understanding the World







Sing the nursery rhyme 'Old Mac Donald had a farm'. What animals will you have in your song and what noises do they make?


With your grown up could you design your own farm. What animals would you like on your farm? How many of that animal will you have? Together draw your farm and where the animals would live. (See below for ideas.) You could also do this on 'topmarks' site.


Go on a virtual farm trip. Use any of the links below to visit a farm from your sofa! (for this tour you will need Adobe Flash Player or you can sign up for free to download the tour). (Go on a farm tour with Blippi!)

Look what we have been up to at home....

Roscoe has been having lots of fun at home learning with his family. Roscoe has been cooking, growing, tasting new food, playing in the water, writing his letters and lots more!

Well done Sophia for running outside in the fresh air! for your 30 minute challenge!

Still image for this video

Well done Raheem for doing your 30 minute challenge on the trampoline!

Mrs Jones doing her 30 minutes of exercise!

Mrs Gear doing her 30 minutes of exercise!

Still image for this video

Salt Dough (Wednesday 06th May 2020)

Did you know that doves are a sign of love and peace? In keeping with our ‘bird’ theme I thought it would be lovely to make a plaque to display in your windows to send love and peace out to everyone who walks past.

Below is the recipe for salt dough. It is super simple. Just flour, salt and water. Add all the ingredients into a bowl. Mix it together. Roll it out flat with your hands or a rolling pin then press your hand print into it. (Remember to make two small holes at the top for ribbon.) Cook it on a very low heat in the oven for 3-4 hours then paint once cool.

Mental Health Move It Challenge

At Stonehill we have decided to join in and promote the 'Mental Health Foundations' excellent challenge!

This is a new challenge for May to get everyone moving, keeping active, healthy and feeling good. The theme this year is kindness.

So be kind to yourself and get involved daily by being active for 30 minutes.

How will you spend your 30 minutes? Walking, running, dancing or maybe something else?

Click on this link to find out more!

May 4th  Ideas for this week.

Here are some activities this week linked to 'birds'. Let's continue to learn about nature and the world around us! Check out the RSPB website for lots of fun activities, facts and games. Click below for fun games all linked to birds and nature.


Daily activities you could do with your children could include recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack. Writing their name. Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. As well as a number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Area of Learning


Physical Development

'Mental Health Challenge'. Get active for 30 minutes daily. Be creative and think how you could do this in different ways. I will be posting how I will be keeping active later on this week!


Physical development is also about being healthy with what you eat. Get a collection of food from your fridge and cupboards and sort the food into 'healthy' and 'unhealthy' foods. 


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Click on this link to read a story about a 'blue tit'.

Talk about what you could do to encourage birds outside your window. 

Here are lots of practical ideas that you can do to help birds where you live. What will you do to help them? I would love to have some photographs of what you get up to.


Make a tally chart of garden birds. You could include pigeon, sparrow, blackbird, blue tit, magpie, crow, starling. (See example of tally charts below).


This has a fantastic 'bird guide' with photographs and information about different types of birds.


Make a 'bird spotting area' on a window in your home and make a mark each time you see one of the birds on your chart.

Which bird do you see from your window the most? 

Expressive Art and Design







Understanding the World






For Fun!

Sing the nursery rhyme 'Two Little Dickie Birds'. Can you make finger puppets to go on each finger to help with performing the song? 


Make binoculars using two toilet rolls to spot your birds. (See pictures below).


Copy this link into your browser to watch a live webcam of an owl and her eggs. Watch the mummy owl to see what happens. Thank you to Sophia and her Mummy for sharing this with us. It is wonderful to see.


Watch this short animated clip. Something to make you laugh!

Talk about the moral of the story and link it to theme kindness. Are the little birds kind to the big bird?

Bird Spotting and Binoculars!

Family Fun Day!!! (01/05/2020)

You have all been working so hard, parents and children. Why not take a trip to the beach. (A virtual beach that is!) This link will take you to the beach;

Why not pack a picnic, run away from the waves and have lunch together at the beach! Talk about what you would do if you were at the beach. Build sand castles, look for crabs, bury each other in the sand and even have an ice cream.

Please remember to share your pictures with me if you do. We went today and had a wonderful time!


Getting Ready for Reception

At this time of year we begin to think about the children being ready for Reception. For example getting dressed independently and going to the toilet without support. All children will start Reception in different places and this is nothing to worry about. This website has some useful things think about before September. If you have any questions please email me.

School Ready! Some good ideas to think about.

Look what we have been up to at home....

Leo has been very busy doing lots of different practical activities. It looks like Leo is having a wonderful time at home. Thank you for sharing. 

Wednesday 29th April 2020

I hope you are having lots of fun with the mini-beast activities so far this week! Click on the link below to join in an active yoga session whilst being part of 'The Hungry Caterpillar'. Perfect for a rainy day!

Look what we have been up to at home....

Phoebe has been busy practising writing her name. Well done Phoebe. Fantastic writing!

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you Tyler for sharing photographs from your walks to look for wild life around Letchworth. Tyler found tadpoles just like Mrs Gear did as well as lambs. Good spotting Tyler!

April 27th  Ideas for this week.

Here are some activities this week linked to 'mini-beasts'. Mini-beasts is a great topic with lovely stories, songs and activities. 


Daily activities you could do with your children could include recognising and writing the sounds sent home in your pack. Writing their name. Counting out loud forward and backs to and from 10. As well as a number hunt and counting small groups of objects to 10. 


Area of Learning


Physical Development

Visit YouTube and learn the song 'The Ants Go Marching'. This is a great song to march around your living room to.


Use cushions, blankets, boxes, teddies to make an obstacle course in your house or garden. How quickly can you go round your obstacle course? Can you build part of your course where you have to climb over something or crawl under something?


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Listen to The Hungry Caterpillar on

Can you make up your own version of the story using different food from your home? Maybe the hungry caterpillar will eat 1 banana and 2 carrots!!


Email Mrs Gear Week! If you send me an email this week I will send you a video message especially for your child reading them a story I think they would like. If you have already sent me an email then a video will be coming your way. Buddy will be there to say hello as well! Don't miss out! My email is;


Have a go at these two games on Topmarks;


Expressive Art and Design










Understanding the World

Visit the Oxford Owl page following the link below. Scroll down to find and learn the rhyme 'Three Little Frog'. Can you learn the actions too?


Can you do a drawing of the hungry caterpillar? Look carefully at the colours used and see if you can make your caterpillar look just like the one from the story.


Watch 'Come Outside' to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning Nursery. I have been for a lovely walk this morning and I was very excited by what I saw! Watch the video below to see what I saw! 


Still image for this video

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you Sophia for sharing your brilliant drawings with us. Such amazing detail! I really love the rabbit too. Very creative.

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Today is Earth Day!!!

Visit 'google earth' and search for your home, Stonehill Primary School Letchworth and other places significant to your family. Disneyland is quite a popular place to visit!! Watch as the satellite zooms in on these places. 

Talk about what you do to help to look after the earth (recycle, put rubbish in the bin, walk to school and elsewhere).,-0.24096367,758.19822132a,18197648.74953747d,35y,-0h,0t,0r

Click on the link below for a lovely song with an important message about Earth Day.

April 20th  Ideas for this week.

Here are some activities this week linked to 'tadpoles'. Scroll down to see our class tadpoles swimming around.


Area of Learning


Physical Development

I hope you have been enjoying 'go noodle'. Click on the link below to take part in a 'follow me dance'. Its called 'Little Green Froggy'. Its great fun!


Literacy/ Communication and Language

On separate pieces of paper adults to write the letters from your child's name. Hide them around your home or garden for the children to find. Ask them to arrange the letters in the correct order to make their name.


Visit 'Oxford Reading Tree' website. Click on link below; 

You need to make an account which is free and takes a few minutes. You can then read or listen to'The Frog Prince'. Turn to page 30 to talk about the story.


Learn the song '5 Little Speckled Frogs'. After each frog jumps into the pond work out how many frogs are left? Could you change the song to '10 Little Speckled Frogs' and count backwards from 10?


Could you make up a 'points scoring' game to play with your family. For example bowling, throwing a ball/ beanbag into a box. Make a tally to see who gets the most points. My family and I are going to play 'Duck Bowling'! See below for a picture.

Understanding the World

What can you find out about tadpoles and frogs? I have had the tadpoles for a few days now. There is fresh water and weeds in there. Is there anything else they need? What can I feed them? When you find out some facts for me then please email me at;

There are some facts if you click on the link below or perhaps you could find your own;

Duck Bowling!

Summer Term 2020

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays and ate lots of yummy chocolate. 

During the holidays I collected a surprise for the Nursery children. Tadpoles!! I will be keeping you all updated on how they get on. Hopefully the children will see them before I have to release them into the wild.

Please explain to the children that they started as frogspawn. I collected them once they had hatched from the frogspawn into tadpoles.

Here are a few websites for you to show your children where they can learn about the

life cycle of a frog! (Hey Duggee) (Ben and Holly) (Froggy facts!) (Come Outside! Mrs Gear's favourite)


The tadpoles are kept in a little tank in my garden with a net over the top to keep them safe!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Holiday news (17th April 2020)

Thank you to JJ and Tyler who have shared their Easter news with me. I was pleased to see lots making and baking going on!

Holiday news (16th April 2020)

Thank you to Phoebe and Isabel who have shared their Easter news with me. Have a look at all the wonderful things they have been up to.


Friday (10th April 2020)

Have some fun and silliness this weekend. Visit for fun songs and dances.

I hope you all continue to enjoy your family time during the Easter holidays. A big thank you to everyone who has sent me emails, photographs and letters to Buddy. It is lovely to stay in touch. I will continue to be available during the next two weeks so please feel free to email me at any time.

Here are a few fun activities for you to do if you need any ideas. Stay safe and I hope to see you all very soon. Happy Easter. 


1. Cook eggs in different ways. Which way is your favourite? What is the rest of your family's favourite egg? How could you record this?


2. Using the play dough from your pack make patterns and shapes to decorate the outline of the Easter egg also in your pack.


3. I am sure that you will get lots of chocolate over the next few weeks. Melt some of the chocolate. What happens to the chocolate when it melts? What did it look like/ feel like/ taste like before and after?


4.On Cbeebies watch how Toby prepares for and celebrates Easter. You can also watch the Easter story illustrated through sand art!


5. Look in your pack for 'Easter Home Learning Challenges'.

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you JJ for sharing your birthday news and fun activities with us!



Letter to Buddy (April 3rd 2020)

Thank you Marnie for your message to Buddy. He loved hearing from you!


Letters to Buddy (April 1st 2020)

Thank you to Isabel, Sophia and Freddie for your letters to Buddy. He was so excited to read them and write a reply. He cant wait to get more!

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you Lily for sharing all your fun activities with us!

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you to Phoebe, Tyler and JJ for showing us the different things they have been doing.

Look what we have been up to at home....

Thank you to Sophia and Isabel for showing us the different things they have been doing.

April 2nd 

I love this activity and it is a quick and easy way to recycle the toilet and kitchen rolls. Can you make a toilet roll tunnel? All you need is toilet or kitchen roll and tape. With a grown up discuss where to place each roll so that the ball will land into a box at the bottom. What things can you put down your tunnel? Try to make two tunnels and then race different objects to see which one lands in the box first! Which object is the fastest? Why?

April 1st 

I was doing some gardening in my garden yesterday. I went to the bottom (I do not normal go down there as it is very messy!)

I found this tunnel!! (See picture below).

Who do you think lives in there? Do you think it goes anywhere? I could not see the back of the tunnel so I think it must go somewhere! I was too big to fit inside. 

With your grown up could you make up a little story about the tunnel and who lives in there. I will be making up a story too and posting it on here later in the week for you to read. Parents if you write down what the children say you can read it back to them. We did this in Nursery a lot and they love it.

March 31st Buddy Bear!!!

Hello Nursery

It is Buddy Bear here. I miss playing with you all in Nursery and having lots of fun. Mrs Gear took me home with her so you do not need to worry about me. I have been very busy making things, playing in the water, looking for shapes and lots more. I would love to hear from you all. If you send an email to I will send you an email to say 'hello' and answer any questions you may have asked me. I cant wait for your messages. 

Love from,

Buddy Bear

(Parents when you send an email if you could focus on 'to' and 'from' as well as a question for Buddy Bear that would be fantastic. Thank you.)

March 30th  Ideas for this week.

You may still have some activities left in your pack as there were quite a few ideas in there. Here are a few more ideas. If you have photographs of anything you get up to please email them to me and I can put them on our page. I hope you have fun doing the activities. 

Area of Learning


Physical Development

Could you help prepare a healthy snack with one of your grown ups for your family. Help to peel, chop and grate different fruits and vegetables for a special snack one day. Talk about foods that are healthy for you and snacks that are not as healthy.


We love 'Busy Feet' at Nursery. Play the video at home and get the whole family to join in!


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Using the pasta in your pack or other small objects make the letters in your name. I used small stones I found in my garden.  (See my name below).


Collect some toys/ toy animals from around your home. Make up names for them beginning with the same letter. For example 'Lizzy Lizard', 'Bertie Bear', 'Dean Dog' or 'Rachael Rabbit'. 


On the internet go onto the website 'topmarks' 'shape monster game' then go on a shape hunt around your home to see what shapes you can see.


In the bathroom sink/ bath or water tray outside fill up containers of different shapes and sizes. Talk about which one holds the most water and why. Use the vocabulary 'full', 'half full/ empty' and 'empty'.

Expressive Arts and Design

Watch and learn the song 'Spring Chicken'


Using a potato masher and paint make Easter eggs which you can cut out. Make 5 to 10 and ask your grown up to write numbers 1-5/10 on them and then hide them round your home to do an Easter egg number hunt.

See below and just add numbers.

March 27th Shapes

Using tape make shapes and lines on the floor (circles are very tricky). Play a game asking the children to stand in the different shapes and lines. You can add to this my saying one foot in the shape, hop in the shape, balance in the shape and more! Fun for all the family. 

March 26th Rabbits

I am starting to get excited about Easter. We would be doing lots of Easter crafts at this time of year. With all the toilet rolls rolling around I have found these two rabbit themed activities using toilet rolls. They use very little resources which hopefully most of you will have at home. I will post the ones we make on here later. Please feel free to email me anything you make and I will post them on our class page. 

March 25th Dice Game

Using a recycled box wrap it in paper and drawer dots fro 1 to 6 on each side. On another piece of paper write the numbers 1 to 6. Roll the dice and cross off numbers when the dice lands on each number. This activity is about matching quantities to numbers. Roll away!

March 24th Get Moving!

After doing Joe Wicks PE lessons for the last two days which are fantastic I have feel that for 3 and 4 year olds it may be a little too long and difficult. On Cbeebies I have found Andy's Wild Workouts. There are plenty of short exercises on there perfect for Nursery. I have done two today! I hope you and your little ones enjoy Andy as much as older children are enjoying Joe.

March 23rd  Ideas for this week.

Area of Learning


Physical Development

Watch Joe Wicks on YouTube ‘PE with Joe’ (this is on daily)


1 minute game. How many jumps/ claps/ hops/ star jumps/air kicks/ reach up high then touch toes…..can you do in 1 minute? You could even record this!


Literacy/ Communication and Language

Go on a sound hunt. Look for things around your home beginning with ‘m’ and ‘a’.


Read the story from your ‘home learning pack’. Suggest a different way the story could end.


Using the number cards and toys or household items make groups and match the numbers. It is so important for children to know what is 3? etc.

Choose a number and collect that many in different ways. For example 3 teddies, 3 spoons, 3 cushions,


Play hide and seek. Hide a favourite toy in different places. Take it in turns to give clues where to find the toy. Use vocabulary such as under, on top of, next to, inside.

Expressive Arts and Design

Children to teach parents ‘Knock, knock said the wolf, he said let me in, no way not by the hairs on my chinny chin’. (To the tune of Row row your boat’).


Put on favourite tunes and have a dance about, all the family. Who has the best dance moves? Who has the funniest dance moves? My family’s favourite song to dance to at the moment is ‘Shot Gun’ by George Ezra.

School Closure


Packs are being sent out on Friday 20th March for all Nursery children. Please keep these packs safe as they will be referred to in weekly ideas.


Ideas for home learning will be shared regularly via Marvellous Me and on this page. 


The Early Years focuses on play based learning. You can continue this through the home learning ideas shared on here. Should you need any support during this time I will be available via email. My email has been shared via Marvellous Me. If you have not signed up to Marvellous Me then please contact the office who will give you my email.


Stay safe everyone.

We want to know all the amazing things your child is doing at home. Please fill out a Wow! sheet when your child has a Wow! moment.