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PE and Sport Premium Funding 2019-20

The working document below outlines our plans for spending of our PE and Sport Premium funding.  We will continue to focus on giving children access to high quality PE and Sport, opportunities to attend a variety of clubs, and many chances to represent the school in a variety of events and competitions.

PE and Sport Premium Funding 2018-19

PE Premium Impact Report 2016-17

PE Premium 2017-18 with impact

Spring Term Clubs

Here are the after school clubs on offer to children in the Spring Term.  Please ask at the office or see Mr Phillips if you would like more information.


Club Day Year groups
Stevenage FC Football Monday All
Archery Tuesday 1 and 2
Identity Dance Wednesday All
Boys' Football (School team) Thursday 5 and 6
Netball (School team) Thursday 5 and 6
Girls' Football (School team) Friday 5 and 6
Fencing Friday All



Sportshall Athletics

Well done to the Upper Key Stage 2 children who took part in the Sportshall Athletics competition on Thursday 16th January.  You all represented the school very well and their were some impressive performances. 


Tag Rugby Festival

In October our Tag Rugby team took everything they had learned in their tag Rugby sessions to a festival at Letchworth Rugby Club.  This was a friendly festival, with the aim to have lots of fun and show all the positive attribute associated with rugby and sport in general.  We are very proud to announce that Stonehill won joint team of the tournament, as voted for by all the schools and staff at the event.  Well done everyone! 



Impact of Sports Premium Funding  2015-16


This report outlines the impact of Sports Premium funding up to the end of the Spring term.


We continue to be active members of the Letchworth and Baldock School Sports Partnership.  This allows us to compete in a variety of sports competitions against others schools.  So far this year we have competed in the following events:

  • Olympic Celebration Event
  • Sportshall Athletics
  • Boys’ Football Tournament  (x 2)
  • Girls’ Football Tournament  (x2)
  • Netball Tournament
  • Tag Rugby Festival
  • Football and Netball matches against other schools


The Sports Premium funds membership to this association.  We also use the funding to buy resources and equipment to allow football and netball clubs to run in preparation for matches and tournaments.


At the end of the Spring term, 81% of children in Years 5 and 6 had competed against other schools in some way through at least one of these events (100% of Year 6).


A large part of our funding has been used to provide quality PE lessons taught by coaches in specialist areas.  We have used Stevenage FC to provide football based PE lessons throughout the Year.  They will have taught all classes from Years 1 - 6 by the end of the school year.  Every class from Reception to Year 6 has also had expert dance teaching for a 6 week block and Key Stage 1 have been taught Gymnastics in the Spring term.  Children have commented on how much they have enjoyed the sessions and it is clear that their skills and understanding are being developed.  The Reception teachers commented on how much the children’s awareness of physical space and how to use it effectively had progressed during their dance sessions. 

The sessions are also of great benefit to the teachers, who learn from the coaches and build the confidence and expertise to teach these sessions in the future.  Every teacher has had the opportunity to learn from at least 2 coaches in 2 different areas of PE this school year.


Our after school sports clubs continue to thrive.  Exposure to these activities in school leads to a desire to continue taking part in them.  As a result, our football and dance clubs are very well attended.  We have also had player visits from professional footballers and continue to give tickets to families to watch Stevenage FC play. 


A further report will be published at the end of the school year.

Sports Premium 2015-16

This year, the government will continue to give Sports Premium funding to schools.  The amount we have been given is £8875.  Our plans for using the money this year are:


Fund a range of quality coaches to teach children in school (approx £6000)

Children will be taught football by Stevenage FC, with each class being given a terms worth of lessons. We will also benefit from player visits and match tickets that we can give away in school.


Each class will be taught a 6 week block of dance by a teacher from Identity Dance Club.


Other coaches will be used throughout the year and included here when confirmed.


Members of NHSSP (approx £1500 for membership and events)

We will continue to be active members of the North Herts School Sports Partnership, allowing us to participate in a range of tournaments and competitions with other schools.


Purchase resources to promote quality teaching of PE and for the House Games (approx £1000)


Impact of Sports Premium 2014-15

This reports outlines the provision funded through sports premium money.  The amount received was £8810.  The information shown below details the impact of the provision.

Part of the funding was used to fund membership to the North Herts School Sports Partnership.  This allowed children in the school to take part in a variety of competitive sporting activities.  This included the annual Olympic Celebration Event at Knights Templar, which Year 6 competed in, and an Olympic Roadshow, which took part in the school and involved all children in Years 1-6.

Competitive sporting opportunities were enhanced further with the introduction of the House Games.  Resources to get the House Games up and running were purchased using funds from the Sports Premium.  Events like speed stacking allowed children to compete against each other to earn points for their houses.  The House Games will be expanded further in the next school year to encompass a variety of sports.

85% of children in Years 5 and 6 participated in competitive sporting activities against other schools this year.  This means a very large portion of children in these years competed against other schools, many of them multiples times for football and netball teams.  30% of Year 4 children also competed against other schools.  We will look to give younger children more opportunities to compete competitively next year.

In the same way as last year, swimming was funded through the Sports Premium for children in Years 3, 4 and 5.  We are starting to see the impact of giving children more opportunities to swim.  In Year 5, 24% of children achieved the National Curriculum Award.  This award is the expected outcome when children leave Primary School.  In the same group of children only 3% had this award in the previous year.  The children have clearly benefitted from the extra year of swimming lessons made available to them.  We will continue to fund swimming lessons in the next academic year.

The school continues to offer a range of sporting activities both within lessons and after school.  Stevenage FC taught a range of sports to children in Years 1-6 and the children benefitted from visits by professional footballers and tickets to attend Stevenage FC matches.  Children really enjoyed these links and we will continue to offer them next year.

The number of children attending after school clubs is at 60%.  This is similar to last year, but the percentage of KS1 children in clubs is higher than previously at 56%. Children say they enjoy the clubs on offer.  

Some money was allocated to Early Years to allow them to buy physical activity resources, including giant soft lego, to improve hand eye co-ordination.  The children have commented on how much fun these are!

We will continue to provide children with a range of opportunities to participate in a variety of sports and clubs next year, as well as looking to further increase the number of competitive opportunities available.

PE and Sports Clubs  2015-16


Club (Clubs in red are from outside

organisations and will incur a weekly cost -

please speak to the office for details)          

When          Year groups
Boys' Football team Thursdays 3:15 - 4:15 5 and 6 boys
Netball team Thursdays 3:15 - 4:15 5 and 6
Girls' Football team Fridays 3:15 - 4:15 5 and 6 girls
Football (lower KS2) Mondays 3:15 - 4:15 3 and 4
Stevenage FC Football Tuesdays 3:15 - 4:15 R-6
Street Dance (run by Identity Dance) Wednesdays 3:15 - 4:15 R-6
Taekwondo Fridays 3:15 -4:15 3-6


A variety of different clubs will be introduced throughout the year.

Upcoming Events - Spring 2


Wednesday 2nd March - Netball Match @ St Chris


Girls’ Football Tournament    Thursday 3rd March 3-5pm (arrive at 2:30pm) @ St Chris


Boys’ Football Tournament (A team) Thursday 10th March 1-5pm (reserve date Thurs 17th March) @ St Chris


Boys’ Football Tournament (B teams) Tuesday 15th March 3-5pm (arrive at 2:30pm) @ Grange




Football Tournaments

Our football teams took part in District tournaments on Wednesday 14th (girls) and Thursday 15th (boys) October.

The girls played three matches.  Here are the results:

v St Marys  Lost 3-0

v St Francis   Lost 2-0

v Pixmore   Lost 1-0

The girls finished 6th out of 7 teams


The boys played 5 games in their group:

v St Christopher  Won 1-0

v St Johns           Lost 4-1

v Garden City Academy  Won 1-0

v Sandon    Lost 1-0

v St Thomas More    Lost 5-0

After finishing third out of 6 in their group, the boys then went on to play Hartsfield for 5th place.  The final score in this game was 2-0 to Hartsfield.  Overall the boys finished 6th out of 12 teams.


Well done to all who took part.

Sports Premium 2014-15


This year, Stonehill will be continuing to offer a range of sporting opportunities to children across the school.  We have been given £8810 to spend on PE and Sport in school this year.  Some of the ways we will be spending this money are outlined below:


  • We are members of the North Herts School Sports Partnership.  This allows us to take part in a variety of events, including the Olympic Legacy Celebration event for Year 6.
  • Stevenage FC will be in school teaching a variety of sports.  They will also be running other educational workshops in classes and training our Year 5 children to become qualified Sports Leaders.  We also have loads of free tickets to give away throughout the year and will be visited by players from the club. 
  • Swimming will be funded through the Sports premium for Years 3, 4 and 5.  Lessons will take place in the summer term.  Our aim is for every child to be able to swim competently (25 metres) by the time they leave Stonehill.
  • Competitive sporting opportunities will be available to all.  The Stonehill House Games will run throughout the school year, allowing children across the school to take part in competitive sports and activities against each other.  We will use some of the sports premium funding to buy the resources necessary to make the House Games a success. 
  • Other Sporting opportunities will be made available to children as the year progresses. Year 3 will be having Taekwondo taster sessions in the autumn term.



Impact of Sports Premium 2013-14

Congratulations to Broadway for winning this year's Sports Morning.  Well done to everyone for taking part in such a close contest.

The snow won't stop us!

The snow won't stop us! 1


Stonehill Finish 3rd in Small Schools Sportshall Athletics

Well done to the Year 6 children who took part in the Sportshall Athletics event, at the Priory School, on Monday 26th January.  Stonehill finshed 3rd out of the 8 schools competing, which is a great achievement. 

Congratulations to Josh for winning the Taekwondo Student of the Term Award

Congratulations to Josh for winning the Taekwondo Student of the Term Award 1
Congratulations to our Boys' Football Team for reaching the quarter finals of the Football League Kids Cup in Stevenage (scroll down to read the report) 

Our Boys' Football Team show their support for Anti-Bullying Week (in the rain!)

Our Boys' Football Team show their support for Anti-Bullying Week (in the rain!) 1


The House Games are underway.  Scroll down for more information as the 4 houses of Stonehill compete for glory!

Our Vision for PE and Sport


At Stonehill we believe children should enjoy leading healthy, active lives through sustained periods of physical activity.  Teaching will develop fundamental movement skills that children can build on, enabling everyone to reach their potential.  PE and sport will promote resilience, fairness, respect, collaboration, reflection and allow children to compete with others, developing important life skills.



Stonehill House Games underway!

All children in the School have the chance to compete in sports and other activities against children in other houses in the Stonehill House Games!  The House Games trophy is waiting for the winning house!  Events will happen throughout the school year, so check back here for results and the House Games league table.  Good luck to Broadway, Cloisters, Plinston and Spirella.  May the best house win! 


House Games     Event 1:  Classic Games    The Results

Overview:  Children took part in connect 4, card games and naughts & crosses


Years 1 and 2:

Broadway 11 - 24 Spirella

Plinston 5 - 26 Cloisters 


Years 3 and 4:

Broadway 4 - 6 Cloisters

Plinston 9 - 12 Spirella


Years 5 and 6:

Broadway 16 - 42 Plinston

Cloisters 26 - 17 Spirella


Event 2:  Speedstacking (Yrs 3 and 4)   The Results


Broadway: Won 4, drew 2, lost 0

Plinston:  Won 1, drew 2, lost 1

Spirella:  Won 0, drew 1, lost 5

Cloisters:  Won 1, drew 1, lost 0



House Games League Table


House Played Won Drew Lost Points
Broadway 9 4 2 3 14
Cloisters 5 4 1 0 13
Plinston 7 2 2 3 8
Spirella 9 2 1 6 7






Our Boys' Football Team before their 5-2 victory on the opening day of the season.

Our Boys' Football Team before their 5-2 victory on the opening day of the season. 1




The following clubs are currently running after school:


  • Stevenage FC Football  (Tuesdays)
  • Street Dance  (Wednesdays)
  • Boys' Football for Years 5 and 6  (Thursdays)
  • Netball for Years 5 and 6  (Thursdays)
  • Girls' Football for Years 5 and 6  (Fridays) 
  • Taekwondo  (Fridays)


There will be lots more clubs taking place throughout the year, so watch this space!  If you have any suggestions or ideas for a club that could take place, please let us know.  We are always looking to start something new!


Fixtures and Results


Here are the fixtures currently arranged between us and other schools.  Results and reports will also be shown here.  Letters for those involved will be given out the week before the match/tournament.


We are in leagues for football and netball with the other schools in Letchworth and Baldock.  Results and league table updates will be posted here.


Boys' Football Fixtures (subject to change, more to be added)










Thursday 9th October

St Nicholas


Won 5-2

Friday 17th October



A team lost 2-1

B team lost 9-1

Thursday 23rd October


Arena 1-5pm

Narrowly missed out on top four (see report)

Won 3-1 v St Johns

Lost 1-0 v St Marys

Drew 1-1 v Grange

Friday 7th November St Christopher away Drew 5-5

Monday 17th November

St Marys


A team lost 3-1

B team lost 3-1

Friday 21st November Tournament Stevenage 1-4pm

Reached the Quarter Finals

Group Stage

Lost 1-0 v Woolenwick

Won 4-0 v Sandon

Won 3-1 v Walkern

Drew 0-0 v Stapleford

Won 1-0 v Almond Hill

Finished top of group

Quarter Final

Lost 3-2 (after extra time) v St Edmunds

Friday 16th January St Johns home Lost 4-2

Monday 19th January



Won 2-1

Thursday 12th February


Arena 1-5pm

Won 7-0 v St Thomas More

Lost 1-0 v Pixmore

Drew 2-2 v St Chris

Won 2-1 v Lordship

Lost 1-0 v Grange

Friday 27th February Garden City Academy away Won 3-2

Friday 6th March 



Won 5-3
Tuesday 17th March B Tournament Arena 3:45 - 5:15pm Finished 3rd in group
Thursday 19th March Pixmore away Lost 3-1
Thursday 26th March Wilbury away Won 3-0



Boys' Football Team reach quarter finals of Football League Cup


A proud day as stylish Stonehill reach the last 8

On Friday 21st November, our Boys' Football Team travelled to Stevenage Academy to take part in the Football League Kids Cup.  26 schools were competing, with the winners progressing to the national finals at Wembley Stadium.


We were in a group of 6 teams, with the top 2 progressing to the quarter finals.  The first match against Woolenwick didn't go to plan, with Stonehill losing narrowly 1-0.  We were able to bounce back in style though, recording victories against Sandon (4-0) and Walkern (3-1).  Our fourth match, against Stapleford, finished 0-0.  This left one game in the group, which proved to be crucial! Stonehill managed to score early and hold on brilliantly to beat Almond Hill 1-0.  Three wins, a draw and a defeat meant we finished top of the group and progressed to the quarter finals.


The quarter final was against eventual tournament winners St Edmunds.  It was extremely close. Stonehill came from 2-0 down to level the game at 2-2.  The match went into extra time, with Stonehill eventually losing 3-2.


To reach the last 8 of such a prestigious tournament, against some really high quality opponents, is a brilliant achievement.  Everyone at Stonehill is extremely proud.  Well done boys! frown


Boys' Football Tournament Report


Stonehill narrowly miss out on top four finish


On Thursday 23rd October, Stonehill took their A and B teams to the LDSSA football tournament at the Arena in Baldock.  


The A team won their opening game 3-1 against St Johns.  They then lost narrowly to St Marys 1-0. In the final match against Grange, a win would be enough to put Stonehill into the third place playoff.  After Stonehill took the lead early, Grange equalised with the final kick of the match, meaning Stonehill just missed out on the top four.


The B team lost their opening game 10-1 against St Mary's B.  They dramatically improved in their next match against Pixmore B, losing 3-0.  The final match was the B teams best performance yet, narrowly losing 1-0 to Grange B.


Well done to everyone who took part for both teams.  There were some great performances and everyone represented the school brilliantly.




Girls' Football Fixtures (subject to change, more to be added)






Monday 29th September



Won 1-0

Wednesday 5th November

St Marys B


St Marys A

St Marys

Won 1-0

Drew 1-1

Lost 2-0

Friday 23rd January Pixmore home Won 3-0

Thursday 5th March


Knights Templar 3:45 – 5:15pm

Drew 0-0 v St Johns

Lost 1-0 v St Marys

Won 1-0 v Wilbury

Lost 1-0 v St Nicholas

Thursday 12th March

St Francis


Won 1-0



Netball Fixtures (subject to change, more to be added)


Date Opponent Venue Result

Thursday 9th October

St Nicholas


A team lost 2-1

B team won 8-0

Thursday 16th October



St Francis

St Francis

Lost 4-0

Lost 9-0

Lost 11-1

Monday 10th November

St Christopher


Won 5-4

Monday 17th November

St Marys


Lost 3-0

Monday 19th January



Lost 12-0

Thursday 19th March

St Johns


Lost 5-2

Tuesday 24th March

A team tournament

Knights Templar


Thursday 26th March

B team tournament

Knights Templar

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