Our Personal, Social Health Citizenship and Economic (PSHCE) at Stonehill also include the "SEAL" topics, Drugs, alcohol and tobacco education (DATE) and Relationship and sex education (RSE).

A new scheme of work has been written for staff which incorporates all of the 5 subject areas and will be delivered through a 1 year cycle divided into 6 half terms. 

Every half term the title of the coverage will be 

                                              Years 1, 3 and 5 

                                                We're All Stars!

Be Friendly, Be Wise

Living Long, Living Strong

Daring to be Different

Dear Diary

Joining In and Joining Up 


Years 2, 4 and 6 

Its' Our World

Say No!

Money Matters

Who Likes Chocolate?

People Around Us

Growing Up 



During the coming months we will be covering the following titles in our PSHCE lessons


 New beginnings

 Getting on and falling out

 Say no to bullying

 Going for goals

 Good to be me



New beginnings 

                      This half term we will be learning about how:

I can help make my class a fun and fair place

I can tell what makes a happy classroom

I know that I belong to a community  

I know ways to save energy and why we need to do this

I know some ways to calm myself down when I feel scared or upset.

I can listen well to other people

I can assess my own learning


School Councillors

Each of the classes have held elections and elected a boy or girl to represent their class on the school council and Eco Council.

Codes of conduct

The children will be writing their class code of conduct. Why not ask your child to show you where the code is in the classroom, or perhaps they could tell you the five statements their class decided would be important.

Talents and gifts

The children have had the opportunity to listen to their peers and learn about other peoples gifts and talents. They completed "My talent" sheets and these are in the children's PSHCE books.


We're all stars and It's our world PHSCE displays

We're all stars and It's our world PHSCE displays  1

                              Getting on and falling out

                       This half term we will be learning about how:

Getting on and falling out

Getting on and falling out  1

"Say No" and "Be friendly, Be wise".

"Say No" and "Be friendly, Be wise".   1
"Say No" and "Be friendly, Be wise".   2

As we begun our comprehensive PHSCE curriculum which will include relationships, (which will link with our science curriculum in regards to sex education) a consultation working party comprising of parents, governors, members of the senior leadership team  and a youth worker from a local community church have evaluated a scheme of work endorsed by the PHSE association called "The Christopher Winter project" which covers lessons from Reception to Year 6.  The working party agreed on a policy which has been approved by the governing body. 

We held 2 working party consultation meetings to review our drugs, alcohol and tobacco policy and proposed scheme of work . The working party was made up of parents, governors, our Family Support Worker, SENco and Deputy head. The DATE policy was approved  by the full governing body meeting in July. 


A copy of these policies can be accessed via the links below   



We will review our RSE and DATE policies during the second half of the autumn term of 2019. If you would like to be part of these working parties  please let Mrs Whittemore know or contact the school office who will forward your details.



Relationships  1



This half term we have been learning about:

People who are important to me .

A time when I felt embarrassed

Being unkind and hurting someone doesn’t make me feel better

What embarrasses me 

Learn something about me that I didn’t know before

Review of the learning we have covered regarding relationships


During the week of the General Election the children were offered the opportunity to learn about the different political parties and vote in the Stonehill General Election.

The results were as follows

Conservatives       243 MP's 

                                    Labour                  151 MP's

                                    Green Party          101 MP's 

                                    Lib Dems                58 MP's 

                                    UKIP                       93 MP's


As the majority of 326 was not reached by one party  in our election so we would have had a conservative government with either a Lib Dem or UKIP coalition. 


Good to be me

Good to be me  1

Good to be me


 This half term we will be learning about :


Naming the items in a first aid kit and what they might be used for 

Explain what feeling surprised is like, and say whether I like surprises or I like things to stay the same

Choosing to act assertively, and know how to be assertive

Thinking about my worries and decide what I might do about them. Sharing with others a worry. Knowing  that most people have worries.

Knowing I can relax when I want to. I can tell when it is good to relax

                           I can explain why it is good to be me.



Going for goals

Going for goals  1



Going for goals

We have started our new topic on "Going for goals" by looking at: 

"Setting a goal and the success criteria needed to achieve it." 

"Manage my frustrations by using a number of strategies"

"Know that I am responsible for my own learning and behaviour."



Week 2 12-16th January

Each class has set themselves a class goal and we are measuring our success each week on a success thermometer.

The class goals are;

Year 1  -

Listen and Learn in school

Year 2 -

Follow the class behaviour code

Year 3 -

To be fantastic learners

Year 4 -

To be the best class in Stonehill School

Year 5 - 

To become a better behaved class



Which class do you think will achieve their goal first?

The completed class thermometers are displayed on the Going for goals display in the library area, why not see how each class challenged themselves. 

Above is the last activity relating to Getting on and falling out for this year, I hope you enjoy the activity and will let me know how the children got on with completing it.


Over the past few weeks we have been looking at:

Understanding how to solve a problem

Understand the importance of money and being careful with it

Know how to look and sound friendly and see things from someone else's

point of view

Know the triggers of anger and how our bodies change when we are angry, and how to clam down.


Welcome back after a busy first half term to our new PHSCE topic of "Getting on and falling out"

I was very excited to send home the first of the activities relating to getting on and showing our friends and family members what we find attractive and humbling about them as people.



Week 4

This week we have continued our gift and talents theme but investigated how we can find out about the talents within our classroom and how we can use them. The theme of our lessons was "I can think of ways to find out what others have to offer"   The children felt listening and watching were the best methods to use.

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