On 1st September 2014 the new SEND code of practice came in to force. 

For details of the SEND code of practice, please use the link below


Our annual review is due on our SEND and inclusion policy, if you would like to be involved in a working party to do this please contact Mrs Whittemore via the office. We are planning to hold a consultation meeting on Monday 11th July at 9.00 where all comments and thoughts will be considered as amendments or inclusion in the forth coming annual policy.


The amended policy produced as a result of the consultation meeting will be passed to the governing body to approve at their next full body meeting in the first half of the autumn term.

If you would like to forward any thoughts or comments regarding this policy, the Stonehill information report, or the Stonehill's school offer then please contact the school office.    


For details of the Local Authority's local offer, please use the link below. 


If you require a copy of Stonehill's information report, school report or SEND policy please ask at the school office for a paper copy or download and print a copy from the links on this page. 

Thank you


SEN and Inclusion policy

To support some of our pupils who find the school a busy noisy place a small sensory area has been set up in the rainbow room. If and when children need to be away from sensory stimulation they can access calming and smoothing sensory resources.

The children appear to enjoy coming to the rainbow room to watch the fish swimming in our coloured bubble tube. Our mood egg seat is very popular. Sometimes we play music or natural sounds (birds singing, water falls or the sound of the wind in trees) along with calming aromas which gently fill the room. The adults are available to share time with children by playing board games, dominoes, make a variety of characters from playdough or read a familiar story.    

We inform parents and carers with regard to any interventions their child/ children may be involved in each half term. All parents and Carers have the opportunity to report their thoughts and hopes for their child's engagement with the specific intervention. Parents/Carers the child's and teachers thoughts are sourced at the start and end of the intervention, which are recorded on an "iceberg tracker sheet"

To help parents and carers understand what the intervention is about and how it will help their child/children, we have provided paper copies of the pamphlets in the entrance foyer and additional copies can be downloaded and printed via the links below.



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